At Housing Families, we believe in the importance of physical and mental health as many children and adults experience trauma through homelessness and poverty. We provide individualized support for families and individuals to help them overcome this trauma, from therapy and counseling services to holistic case management. We also offer a Community Resource Hub, which operates as a food pantry for the families and individuals we serve, while also providing essentials like cleaning supplies and baby formula.

The Challenge

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, childhood exposure to the stressors caused by homelessness slows children’s cognitive and social-emotional development.


of homeless youth reported they experienced symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder for more than a month (US Department of HHS)


people in Massachusetts experience hunger, 100K of which are children, according to Feeding America

Our Solution


of children experienced emotional growth through GYFP


individuals are expected to receive food from Housing Families each week

Adults and children who participate in Housing Families’ wellness programs receive individualized trauma support. We help them learn to identify with others, effectively communicate, manage their feelings, develop a positive sense of self, and heal from the effects of toxic stress caused by trauma.

In the Summer of 2021 we opened the Community Resource Hub to provide a number of essentials beyond the traditional food pantry, including food, cleaning supplies, hygiene products and diapers, and more.

Our Services

Housing Families will continue to offer both virtual and in-person clinical and therapeutic services virtually.

Elizabeth Kia, LICSW

Clinical Director

The G.R.E.A.T. Youth and Families Therapeutic Afterschool program engages students in academic tutoring and therapy through individualized and group interventions. Our students utilize their strengths and support from staff to develop skills related to frustration tolerance, self-regulation, emotion identification, and executive functioning to further their academic, social, and emotional growth. Our kids are encouraged to show up as their authentic self, strive for their dreams, and HAVE FUN!