At Housing Families, we work with clients to ensure a dignified experience when facing housing insecurity or homelessness. Our unique organization provides emergency family and individual shelter, permanent supportive housing, and housing search and stabilization case management to compassionately create a personalized support plan for homeless assistance.

The Challenge 

According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, there are over 18,000 homeless individuals in Massachusetts. The state ranks third highest in the nation for homelessness, although it is only the 15th most populous state. Massachusetts’ present homelessness crisis is largely due to a high cost of living, as it is the third least affordable area in the country given the state’s low wages combined with high rents. Though the minimum wage is currently $13.50 per hour, the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) reports that a wage of $35.52 per hour is needed in Massachusetts to afford a two-bedroom apartment at fair market rent. Additionally, the NLIHC reports that there is a shortage of more than 175,000 rental homes affordable and available for extremely low income renters.


individuals experiencing homelessness in MA


are members of families

Our Solution


units of emergency shelter for families and individuals


units of permanent, supportive housing provided to formerly homeless and extremely low-income households

Housing Families operates a variety of homeless assistance programs for families and individuals experiencing homelessness, including emergency shelter and permanent, stable housing. Our holistic housing assistance programs also include customized success plans that may include legal assistance, tutoring, counseling and therapy, food pantry access, and more.

Our Services

Housing Families’ family shelter is a referral only program through the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), meaning that families are placed in our shelter by DHCD.

Housing Families takes pride in ensuring a dignified experience for families in our emergency family homeless shelter. We operate 91 apartments throughout Greater Boston, each with a private bath and kitchen, designed for one family to use at a time. Once in our family shelter program, families receive intensive case management, comprehensive housing assistance, mental health counseling services, and assistance in other areas to overcome barriers to securing permanent housing.

In August, 2023, Governor Healey declared a state of emergency in Massachusetts due to the increased need for Emergency Shelter. Following this action, Housing Families decided to act and opened emergency hotel shelters. Since their inception, over 100 families have moved into the shelters, nearly doubling Housing Families shelter capacity. Families in the shelters have full access to other Housing Families’ services, and our Emergency Response Team is working hard to ensure the needs of all these families are met.

Moving into somewhere permanent is a big sigh of relief for us. We have been homeless for just about three years and this has marked our seventh move. I can’t explain how good it feels to call somewhere home.


My case worker helped me navigate the state paperwork and housing applications, and we have been living on our own for ten years…I thank God every day that there was an agency like Housing Families to help us in our time of need.