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If your household receives SNAP, TAFDC, or EAEDC benefits, you might’ve seen that the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) has replaced its Electronic Benefit Calculation (EBC) Notice letter with its new Benefit Decision Notice (BDN) letter. Here is an example of what the new BDN will look like.

When looking at your household’s BDN, there will be clear information about:

  • Benefit status – information about whether your household’s DTA benefits have been approved, are being increased or decreased, or if additional information is needed.
  • Household members – a list of which members of your household are receiving benefits and which members aren’t, with an explanation for why they aren’t.
  • Reporting Requirements – information about your household’s specific reporting requirements to DTA and the next date when you will have to fill out paperwork.
  • Household Income and Costs on File – a list of your household’s counted income and counted expenses that are considered when determining your benefit amount.

The biggest change you will notice in the new BDN is that it doesn’t include the Benefits Calculation Page that the old EBC notice included. This means that you won’t be provided with information about the specific calculation process DTA uses to determine the benefit amount your household receives.

If you have questions about your household’s benefit calculations, you can either email or call the DTA Ombuds Office at (617) 348-5354 to request a copy of DTA’s calculations.

When looking at your household’s BDN and you think there are income and costs that should be listed that aren’t, follow up with DTA directly by calling (877) 382-2362.

For any questions about the new BDN or issues you come across when looking at your BDN, email Vicky at the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute – – as they have a running list of topics that they are communicating with DTA about.

Thank you to the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute for providing us with this critical information about the new way DTA is communicating with households about their benefits!