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16 Jul

Natalika’s trilogy

The following is the story of one of our single moms, Natalika, shared by her during our Legislative Breakfast in March, 2018. It is a testament to the ways support from Housing Families and from the community can transform the lives of families experiencing homelessness. Good morning.  My name is Natalika and this is my […]

23 Jan

In her darkest hour, you changed her life

“Housing Families was the hand that was there to save us when we were drowning” Mona and her family felt like their world was falling apart all around them. Faced with serious health concerns, violence, and financial instability, they found themselves unsure where to turn for help. For three years, Mona had grappled with housing […]

17 Oct

A full time job or caring for your son: what would you choose?

I never used to think of myself as an advocate.I would just stay on the sideline and not get involved because it didn’t affect me or I didn’t know what to do. I’d just give up and go with whatever life dealt. But then my 4 year old, non-verbal son was diagnosed with autism.