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5 Mar

Your support helped Shayna* start a new beginning

It’s that time of year, when high school seniors are anxiously awaiting college acceptance letters in the mail. Whether a teen is housed or experiencing homelessness, so much is up in the air. Shayna*, whose family has been in HFI’s shelter and now lives in permanent housing, shared with us the essay she wrote for […]

6 Dec

One family’s favorite meal came during a rough time

Do you have a favorite family recipe? One that brings back memories of home? Maybe you were one of those kids who, on cold and blustery winter days, after walking home from school, opened the door and the smell of banana bread would be wafting through the house. You felt very loved in that moment.  […]

23 Jan

In her darkest hour, you changed her life

“Housing Families was the hand that was there to save us when we were drowning” Mona and her family felt like their world was falling apart all around them. Faced with serious health concerns, violence, and financial instability, they found themselves unsure where to turn for help. For three years, Mona had grappled with housing […]

22 Nov

Meet Dotti, a volunteer at HFI

Dotti has volunteered with Housing Families’ after-school program for 10 years. We asked her to talk about her experience during all those years, and why she keeps coming back.

21 Aug

Our role in promoting equality and social justice

Housing Families wants to assure our community that we are evermore committed to our values and rising up to our role in promoting equality and social justice.

21 Jun

Massachusetts is in a housing crisis!

At this year’s Legislative Breakfast, families shared their stories with state legislators in hopes of developing long-term solutions to family homelessness.

27 Apr

Your support made Brittany safe!

Although she was only in first grade, Brittany* already felt like a burden.

13 Feb

Sasha’s life turned around, all because of YOU!

Sasha* had a lot to worry about as a freshman in high school: staying on top of her grades, trying to fit in at school, and trying to have a normal life.  Her family had to flee their home so her mom could escape an abusive relationship.

2 Feb

Transforming lives through art and advocacy

Betsey and her family were denied state shelter twice because she made $68 more than the eligibility rules allow. With nowhere else to go, her family lived in a car for two weeks

17 Oct

Who doesn’t hate getting bitten by bugs?

Nadia,* a third grader living in an emergency shelter with her grandmother, is thoroughly disgusted by insects. On top of that, she’s even more afraid of getting bitten by one – or worse, an animal – so going on a nature hike during HFI’s summer camp was her worst nightmare.