Meet Our Staff – Miranda Allan

Meet Miranda!

For this month’s #MeetOurStaff segment, we’re learning more about Miranda Allan, our Grants and Administrative Associate.

  1. I am a Libra
  2. My parents are my best friends
  3. I have 2 wonderful younger siblings
  4. I am saving up for my friend’s bachelorette party in the Andirondacks this July
  5. I moved back to New England last summer. Before that, I lived in Alabama for two years
  6. I love people who can laugh at themselves
  7. My favorite activities involve being outdoors and I love to do this because I get stir-crazy very quickly!
  8. My favorite color is blue
  9. My favorite meal involves picnic-ing and my favorite snack food is cheese or french fries (I love them both equally.)
  10. My favorite movie of all time is Life is Beautiful (La Vita e bella)
  11. My first concert event I ever went to was probably Wayne from Maine nwhen I was about 5 years old. He brought me on stage to sing, so Courtney Cox can take a seat…
  12. I am happy when I am out in the sunshine
  13. My favorite smell is orange blossoms
  14. The furthest I’ve traveled is to Santorini, Greece
  15. I am a pretty good cook. Together, my mom and I are attempting to master French macarons
  16. I have a chocolate lab and a mystery-breed rescue pup that I picked up off the streets of Mobile
  17. I used to want to be a beekeeper, but then I developed a severe bee sting allergy. So now I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up!
  18. Fun fact: I have run one half marathon and I am training for another!


Tune in next month when we highlight another one of our fantastic staff members! #HFIpeeps

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