Meet Our Staff – Raeann Whalen

Meet Raeann! For this month’s #MeetOurStaff segment, we’re learning more about Raeann Whalen, HFI’s Director of Development.

  1. My full name is Rae Ann Whalen
  2. My star sign is Libra
  3. My parents are awesome!
  4. I have 3 siblings
  5. I am currently the Director of Development at Housing Families
  6. I love people who make me laugh!
  7. The best time of the day to me is the early morning because I can enjoy my coffee in silence
  8. I am frightened by Ants and this makes me freak out
  9. The first concert event I ever went to was Kris Kross & Color Me Badd at Great America Amusement Park in California and I went with my cousins
  10. I am happy when I’m at home relaxing with my family
  11. Do you have kids? 2 munchkins
  12. What’s the first thing you notice about people? Shoes
  13. Favorite smells? Coffee and Bacon
  14. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? Now, I’m a native Californian