Our Statement on Immigration

This is our message to the Housing Families Community.

Since this agency’s founding over 30 years ago, Housing Families has worked with thousands of homeless families.

We currently provide housing, shelter, and service in Greater Boston including the cities of Chelsea, Everett, Malden, Medford, and Revere.

These communities represent the compassionate, pragmatic, and diverse fabric of America.

The recent Federal actions and proposed actions on immigration policy and cuts to vital safety net programs are having an effect on Housing Families and our clients, staff, and supporters.

We want to acknowledge the confusion, concern and fear that many are feeling.

Our homeless families have expressed to our staff their concerns about what is happening today and what might happen in the future.

And many of our amazing staff have expressed their concerns for their clients and for their own families and for themselves.

At Housing Families, we know that our strength relies on our being able to see beyond our fears and differences and look to our hopes and commonalities.

Our Housing Families written values are consistent with the principles of this country.

These values, created by staff several years ago, provide a guide for us on a daily basis and they are a great framework for today’s situation.

  1. Respect – We treat people with dignity.
  2. Caring – We show compassion and act thoughtfully.
  3. Integrity – We adhere to high standards.
  4. Growth – We foster innovation and continuous development.
  5. Teamwork – We collaborate and celebrate.

This nation was founded by and continues to be renewed by newcomers seeking freedom, escaping persecution, and pursuing happiness.

Some newcomers fall on hard times and we as an agency are committed to providing them with the same level of compassion and service we have provided to all our families over the years.

The vision of Housing Families is to have our families build strong foundations that will sustain them.

Human dignity, respect and equal opportunity are essential.

We choose to support all our moms, dads and kids whatever their story.


Ed Cameron
Chief Executive Officer