Emergency Shelter

Housing Families takes pride in ensuring a dignified experience for families in our Emergency Shelter. Many families enter the shelter from extremely stressful and uncomfortable conditions–living doubled-up in overcrowded apartments, confined to motel rooms, or sleeping in cars.



The Emergency Shelter consists of 100 apartments for homeless families throughout Greater Boston. Unique to Housing Families, each apartment is designated to one family at a time and includes a private bath and kitchen. Once in HFI’s Emergency Shelter, families receive intensive case management, comprehensive housing search assistance, life skills instruction, mental health counseling services, and other assistance in overcoming barriers to securing permanent housing.

Affordable Housing

HFI’s Permanent Properties consist of 68 apartments for extremely low-income families, nearly 30% of which are owned by Housing Families. Residents are supported by ongoing case management services. Most families occupying these units pay no more than 30% of their income for rent. Nearly half of these families are served through our Helping Homes program, as they have a disabled head of household, and virtually all have experienced significant instability over multiple years.