Expanding Services for Homeless Children

Because of supporters like you, we will double the GREAT Youth and Families Program this year. Once fully expanded, the children’s program expects to serve 300 children every year, which means more children receiving the services they need to succeed in school and throughout the rest of their lives!

Why Expanding Services for Homeless Children Is Important

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) estimates that there are over 37,000 students of all ages experiencing homelessness in MA public schools. Homeless children are four times as likely to have delayed development than their stably housed peers.  The GREAT (Growth, Resilience, Empowerment, Acceptance, Trust) Youth and Families program works to address not only the academic, but also the emotional barriers homeless children have to succeeding in school.

About the GREAT Youth and Families Program

As we increase the number of our shelter and housing units, Housing Families will also expand our GREAT Youth and Families Program.  We are committed to providing services to all of the children in our programs so they can break the cycle of homelessness. Services include after-school tutoring, individual and group counseling, educational advocacy and enrichment, and summer enrichment activities.

The GREAT Youth and Families Program also provides services to parents and non-school aged children including parenting groups and Raising a Reader.  These programs support parents and help close the achievement gap between homeless and stably housed children.

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Expanding Services For Homeless Children - Enrichment

“I like when grown-ups read to me. I like playing games to write my letters and numbers. The best part of being at Housing Families is meeting new people.” ~ HFI child