Miss Cambridge Talks Volunteering At Housing Families

Miss Cambridge is hard at work

Title brings social responsibilities

Posted by mholbrow on Aug 5, 2015.

Harvard graduate student Samantha Hawkins is hard at work carrying out the responsibilities that go with the title of Miss Cambridge 2015, which she won in the Miss Cambridge/Miss Boston contest back in February at the Sheraton Boston hotel (photo by Scotty Schenk of Huntington News, Northeastern University). That was the first stage of the Miss America contest; Samantha, a Harvard graduate student, was one of fifteen candidates at that competition, which also awarded the title of Miss Boston to UMass Lowell student Sabrina Ponte. Samantha and Sabrina thus became contenders for the state-wide title of Miss Massachusetts in the second stage of the Miss America race in Worcester on June 28. The final contest for Miss America 2016 is set for September in Atlantic City.

Academic achievement plays a major role in the contest. Samantha is a pianist and a second-year PhD student at Harvard in sociocultural anthropology. Other area contenders for the title of Miss Massachusetts in the June contest included Alissa Musto, pianist and Harvard student, who had been named Miss Tri-County, and Kira Kopacz, a singer with an MIT degree in brain and cognitive science, who was Miss Lakeville.

They were all competing for the title of Miss Massachusetts in the June contest, but in the final round Meagan Fuller of Attleboro, a Tulane student, took the crown. So Samantha is not in the running for the title of Miss America in September, but as Miss Cambridge she is busy right here during her one-year reign, working for the causes she supports.

Just a few of her duties:

“Two organizations, Housing Families and On the Rise, have become the central focus of my volunteer efforts this year,” she says. “At Housing Families I serve as a weekly tutor for young people who have experienced homelessness. I helped teach a class this spring called Raising a Reader, which teaches dialogic reading techniques to low-income parents.”

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