Jordan made the honor roll thanks to you!

For a nine year old girl, Jordan* had a lot of stress, having experienced homelessness for a long time.
When she joined the G.R.E.A.T. Youth and Families Program, she couldn’t even be around other kids, and would often use arts and play therapy to project her fear and anger at what she had experienced.

Jordan was always a good student, but struggled with math. No matter how hard she worked with HFI’s tutors, it seemed that the overbearing stress of her past kept her from succeeding in the subject.

With the help of HFI’s counselors, Jordan began to slowly open up. She smiled more. She was more willing to interact with other kids in the program. She participated in enrichment groups, then signed up for summer camp. After a year of healing, Jordan can play and laugh with other children. Her veil of trauma is starting to lift.

This year, Jordan is on the Honor Roll at her school. When she told her parents, she said “It’s not because of my teachers or other after-school programs. It is because of Housing Families.”

*While Jordan’s story is true, we have changed her name to protect her privacy.