In her darkest hour, you changed her life

“Housing Families was the hand that was there to save us when we were drowning”

Mona and her family felt like their world was falling apart all around them. Faced with serious health concerns, violence, and financial instability, they found themselves unsure where to turn for help.

For three years, Mona had grappled with housing instability. She worried constantly that her landlord would evict them at any moment. She carried an unhealthy amount of stress as she worked to protect her children from the reality that they were facing homelessness.

Already dealing with adversity, tragedy struck. Mona’s husband was attacked while he was walking home one night. Three attackers stabbed at him with hunting knives and choked him. He survived, but with serious injuries that required surgery and a long recuperation process.

Just a few short weeks later, Mona was rushed to the hospital, where doctors found that she had severe internal bleeding. Mona pulled through her illness, though she continued to struggle with keeping her family afloat while recuperating. It was then that the family received an eviction notice.

In her darkest hour, Mona received a life-changing referral to Housing Families. She was nervous about putting her life in strangers’ hands, but she soon saw that HFI was on her side. Within a few months, HFI helped stabilize her situation. After three years in the shelter system, Mona’s family received their housing voucher. They celebrated with their case manager, jumping and clapping.

 Mona describes Housing Families as a safe haven and today she enjoys improved mental health, the increased happiness of her family, continuing supportive services, and a collaborative relationship with her case managers. Her children love participating in the children’s program and she herself enjoys the parenting support groups. The family now lives in the same apartment they were evicted originally. except now it’s a stable home. Their home.

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