Your Gift’s Impact

Every day, Housing Families is working to end family homelessness in Massachusetts. By donating to Housing Families, you are supporting the many programs we offer homeless and at-risk children and families.

Here’s what donors like you accomplished in fiscal year 2018:

  • Served more than 1,009 families, including more than 1,169 children
  • Transitioned 43 families out of shelter and into permanent affordable housing
  • Prevented 261 evictions – that means families who never had to experience homelessness at all!
  • Provided 213 children with academic tutoring and therapeutic counseling in our GREAT Youth and Families Program.



What Can Your Gift Do?

Your gift means the difference between homeless and housed for the families we serve. 86 cents of every dollar we receive goes directly towards family services.


Covers the average cost to provide all services to one family for a year

Prevents one family from being evicted and becoming homeless


Keeps one of our housing units safe and healthy for a whole year


Buys two children their own beds to sleep in at night

Transports all the children in our GREAT Youth and Families Program to tutoring and counseling for a week


Ensures the children in our GREAT Youth and Family program(GYFP) have healthy snacks and meals for a month

Keeps four of our families’ apartments safe and healthy for a month


Provides stabilization and eviction prevention services for two families for a week

Provides transportation for our GYFP for a day


Serves one of our families for a week

Maintains one of our families’ apartments for a month

Donate Now

Each gift level above is representative of resources, services, or support provided by Housing Families.  Your donation will be used to provide assistance where it is most needed – helping homeless and low-income children and families on their journey toward renewed hope and stability.