Host an Event

Celebrate with family and friends by hosting a gathering with a purpose. Raise awareness and funds to support homeless children and their families in Greater Boston.

The best way to hear about trustworthy and effective non-profit organizations is through referrals. Please help us spread the word about Housing Families and the challenges of homeless children in Greater Boston.

Ideas for Your Gathering

  • Host an after-work reception in your office, for staff and clients.
  • Invite friends and neighbors to your home.
  • Gather at a favorite restaurant or ask the restaurant owners if they would like to participate in the fundraiser.
  • Consider combining forces and co-sponsoring with a friend.
  • Celebrate your birthday, anniversary, or wedding and ask for donations to your cause in lieu of gifts.
  • Host a bake sale with friends or a club group.
  • Teach a class or skill for donations.

If you send invitations by mail, include a donation envelope for those who can’t attend and/or include a link to for online donations. Please send us an email  if you would like us to post your event on our calendar or if you have any questions.

Ways to Enlist Interest and Support:

  • Hold a raffle – You can ask local businesses that you frequent for a gift certificate or product item and then “sell” tickets for a set price.
  • Use visuals – Print photos and stories of kids and families to help describe how HFI helps families.
  • Send out e-invitations or Facebook updates to all of your friends. You can even set up a Facebook group.
  • Ask your company for a corporate matching gift of the funds raised.
  • Host a drive –Please refer to the current donation list. 
  • Add a signature to your emails with brief event details and the link to Housing Families’ donate to homeless children page.

Housing Families accepts checks, Mastercard, and Visa donations. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.