Housing Families to serve additional 550 families


Housing Families, which seeks to help homeless families, has announced that it will be expanding from serving 300 families in fiscal 2014 to 850 in fiscal 2016.

Most notably, its emergency shelter program will increase from serving 49 to 100 families by the end of June, enabling the organization to provide temporary shelter to more than twice the number of homeless families across the state.

“It is great to serve more families who are in need of safe shelter, to offer children a nurturing place to learn and heal, and to prevent homelessness,” said Jim Goebelbecker, the CEO of Housing Families. “We are excited to strengthen our community by supporting vulnerable families with a smile, respect, and the possibility of a better tomorrow.”

Most of the families in the new emergency shelter units have been in motels since 2012 or 2013. Housing Families provides fully furnished apartments with a bath and kitchen to each family. The shelter units will allow homeless parents to cook meals for their children, a task especially difficult for families who have been living in motels for months or even years.

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