Housing Families: An Evening of Entertainment to Benefit the Homeless

by  • November 9, 2015

From the left, Seniors Madeline Lam, Sarah Vieira, and Ashley Vieira are pictured performing a singing and dancing trio. Photo by Danielle Copson.

This past weekend on Saturday, Nov. 7, 2015, Malden High School’s senior class of 2016 partnered with Housing Families of Malden to host an evening of entertainment to raise money for families in need. Housing Families strives to help people who are in need of housing and other necessities. Currently there are 29 homeless students studying at MHS, a number that has gradually grown over the years. The senior class decided that all proceeds from the show would be donated to the organization.

Over the last few months, the backstage crew and performers have been hard at work to put together the benefit show. Principal Dana Brown, Senior Class President Samantha Forestier, Senior Chairs Kelvin Cheng Bo and Wendy Nguyen, and music teacher Erin O’Brien-Mazza contributed to the show’s success.

Cheng Bo commented that putting together the show was a “difficult process” but it had a “rewarding outcome.”

Act one of the show included performances by the Haitian Trio, Marie Sanette, Guetchina Ietang, and Walky Joseph. Other acts included Garcelle Renaud, Maggie O’Callaghan, Madeline Lam, Sarah Vieira, Ashley Vieira, Nick Hames, Carri Medina, and Hoa Nguyen.  Among others were the group No Direction, Giovanna Videl, Hector Hernandez, and Won Andre.

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