Shelter and Housing Expansion

Housing Families will add 65 shelter and subsidized housing units in the Malden, Chelsea, and Everett area.

According to the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, there are approximately 4,500 families in Massachusetts’ Emergency Assistance shelter program. As of June 10th, 1,278 of those families were being sheltered in motels.

Living in a motel is rife with problems.  From not having a kitchen in which to cook healthy food to lacking space for children to do their homework, motels do not meet families’ needs.

The majority of the new families being placed in our shelter apartments have been living in a motel for 2 to 3 years.

“One mother was crying so hard, saying she couldn’t believe that moving out of a hotel and into an apartment was finally happening. That she felt like she won the lottery.” ~ HFI Family Case Manager

At HFI, we only shelter families in apartments with private baths and kitchens. This helps families feel a sense of normalcy and ownership of their new apartment.  It isn’t surprising to hear things like “Mom! Look! There’s a stove!” (6 year old boy moving into shelter from a hotel) when a family gets placed into one of HFI’s apartments.

Because of supporters like you, this year, Housing Families will add 14 new subsidized affordable permanent housing units for families with at least one disabled parent or guardian and 51 new emergency shelter apartments.  As of August 10th, we have 53 apartments online with just 3 shelter apartments and 9 permanent housing units left to find.

Motels are not a good place for someone to live. That’s supposed to be temporary.  You’re not supposed to be there for seven months…now it feels more stable.”
~ Homeless mother and son



Current Housing and Shelter Expansion

Mom, look! They have a bed just for me!”
~ child moving into shelter