Melissa Dorismond


melissa-dorismondMelissa Dorismond

I began my journey with Housing Families when I was nine years old, although I didn’t know I was homeless. My mother and father did not want me to worry about where my three sisters or I were going to call “home”; they worked as many jobs as needed in order for us to get an apartment.

I was shy and nervous; I didn’t speak up much in school and lacked motivation.  When I first arrived at the HFI Children’s program I immediately felt welcomed meeting Barbara and all the other amazing staff. The Children’s program provided a warm and judgment free zone. I enjoyed coming to tutoring because I had tutors who made homework fun and motivated me to excel; they challenged me to work harder and to think of my future. I was getting one–on–one attention with my homework, which allowed me to understand difficult material and do well in school. I began to trust, to open up by sharing my feelings, and most importantly, to begin to know myself. My motivation improved and I took school success seriously as I began to create a vision, a dream for my future. As a way to give back, I became a tutor in my junior year in high-school to help other children feel safe and supported.

The incredible tutors, counselors and staff members have been a great influence. I am the first among my siblings to go to college. Thanks to the tutoring and HFI believing in my potential, I am now enrolled in my first year of a Ph.D. pharmacology program at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

For those who are just learning about HFI, I ask you to support this great organization that is working to make futures like mine possible to include stability, love, and happiness.














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