Your support made Brittany safe!

Although she was only in first grade, Brittany* already felt like a burden. Struggling to learn to read, Brittany was labeled as “lazy” and ”not trying hard enough” at school.  Her teachers faulted her mom for not helping her more. Her mom spoke little English and Brittany’s brothers helped her with her homework. She felt like she was burdening everyone in her life. Every day, she grew more depressed. It got to the point where, at the age of six, Brittany said she wanted to die.

Everything changed when her family came to Housing Families. Brittany began regular, one-on-one counseling with staff at the youth and families program. Staff also worked with her school to provide her with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) to help her improve her reading skills and to help the school understand the family’s circumstances. Through one-on-one tutoring sessions at Housing Families’ after-school program, Brittany’s reading abilities got stronger and stronger. Now Brittany is in third grade and loves to read, and even prefers to spend her time engrossed in a book. Two years ago, Brittany told Housing Families’ staff that she wanted to end her life because she couldn’t read. Your support has not only helped Brittany improve her reading– you’ve helped her develop self-confidence and a life-long passion for learning.


*While Brittany’s story is true, Housing Families has changed her name to respect her privacy.

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