BNY Mellon raises awareness of homelessness in the area

BNY Mellon in Everett has coordinated with Housing Families to display images of Massachusetts families in their main lobby. At first glance, the people depicted in the photographs which were taken by New England photographer Meg Landers, appear to be average families with mothers, fathers, and children, smiling and embracing one another. However, after taking a closer look at the plaques below the pictures, it becomes evident that these families struggle with a much deeper issue on a daily basis: Homelessness. Each family has a unique story that led them to this same hardship. Many of the families were hard workers, until difficult times hit and they lost their place to live. Hilary Wolkan, of Housing Families shared that shockingly, “The average age of a homeless person in the state is eight years old, and we want to do whatever we can to shine a light on that,” which is why many of the pictures show small children in their parents embrace.

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