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23 May

Housing Families previews annual backpack drive at Building Impact’s NonGala

Housing Families Inc (HFI), a Malden-based non-profit organization with a mission of ending family homelessness, successfully previewed its annual backpack drive initiative as the featured agency at Building Impact’s NonGala Event that took place on May 11, 2017. Read more…

27 Apr

Your support made Brittany safe!

Although she was only in first grade, Brittany* already felt like a burden.

13 Feb

Sasha’s life turned around, all because of YOU!

Sasha* had a lot to worry about as a freshman in high school: staying on top of her grades, trying to fit in at school, and trying to have a normal life.  Her family had to flee their home so her mom could escape an abusive relationship.

10 Feb

Housing Families art gallery on display at City Hall

Housing Families Inc., a Malden-based nonprofit dedicated to ending family homelessness in Medford, Malden, Revere, Chelsea and Everett, has set up a photography exhibit in the lobby of Medford City Hall, showcasing the work from children in one of their youth enrichment programs. Read more…

2 Feb

Transforming lives through art and advocacy

Betsey and her family were denied state shelter twice because she made $68 more than the eligibility rules allow. With nowhere else to go, her family lived in a car for two weeks

17 Oct

A full time job or caring for your son: what would you choose?

I never used to think of myself as an advocate.I would just stay on the sideline and not get involved because it didn’t affect me or I didn’t know what to do. I’d just give up and go with whatever life dealt. But then my 4 year old, non-verbal son was diagnosed with autism.

17 Oct

Who doesn’t hate getting bitten by bugs?

Nadia,* a third grader living in an emergency shelter with her grandmother, is thoroughly disgusted by insects. On top of that, she’s even more afraid of getting bitten by one – or worse, an animal – so going on a nature hike during HFI’s summer camp was her worst nightmare.

19 Aug

Jordan made the honor roll thanks to you!

For a nine year old girl, Jordan* had a lot of stress, having experienced homelessness for a long time.